Wino’s Back In Fashion


Exciting news reaches us that Amy is back on the radar it, but this time it’s in collaboration with Fred Perry, not a record producer. We all LOVE her music, that raw voice is just so unique, but short of falling out of a few clubs dressed quite inappropriately do we like, and more importantly want to buy into, her style? Well we think the answer might be yes! When she was papped coming out of court not long ago was it just us who thought she looked strangely quite glam and sexy in the pencil skirt and blouse? Amy’s collaboration with the brand, famous as much for their clothes as the laurel logo, sees the launch of a 17 piece clothing and accessory collection. Look at these sketches. Firstly, we’re loving the high hair and big pouty lip detail, and secondly we think this stuff will actually sell really well. Put Amy’s name to anything and it sparks intrigue. She whipped up a storm in the music industry, is it the fashion world’s turn this time? Granted they are only mock ups, but the grey check pencil mini and the simply yet wearable separates could quite easily become wardrobe staples. The Pringle-esque diamond print dress is going down well in the HF offices too. ?I’m really excited about doing this collection with Fred Perry. We?ve been working on it for a while and it’s great to see it finally come to fruition.? says Amy. Big raised collars, sexy 50s shapes, classic Amy attitude and simple Fred Perry style. A success in the making? Let’s wait and see!

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