What’s it all about Mr Miller?

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Here at Henry Fox we’re always on the lookout for emerging new fashion talent, and Matthew Miller is no exception. Hailing from the brilliant Royal College of Art, Matthew has recently launched his cutting-edge new menswear label and his first collection, ‘The irony of masculinity and his jovial approach to the macabre’. A mouthful we know, but Matthew’s creations have meaning – this type of fashion has a certain quality to it, it’s much more personal and when you wear it, you feel special. His first range includes knitwear with 3D skulls, trousers in wool and tweed and a skeleton bib. Read our little interview with him to find out more, and be sure to check out the images above from his first shoot. HF: Your designs remind us slightly of Viktor and Rolf. Who are your favourite designers? Matthew: I have a lot of respect for quite a few designers, but the ones that stand out to me though have to be RAF, Hedi Slimane was amazing at Dior, and Comme des Garcons (when I was actually starting to write this answer, David Bowie Heroes came on my stereo, how very apt). HF: Where does your inspiration come from? Matthew: My inspiration usually comes from words that are said in conversations with people I meet or friends, when discussing particular common issues, sometimes directly political, sometimes they can be very dark and ironic and sometimes it can just be a laugh. HF: Would you say Matthew Miller as a brand has a particular type of clientele? Matthew: The ‘Mr Matthew Miller’ is very cocksure, incredibly intelligent and creative. And certainly doesn’t mind standing out. HF: You’ve said that your collection explores how young men mask fear. What made you focus on this? Matthew: The title of the collection is “The irony of masculinity and his jovial approach to the macabre”. The inspiration came from a conversation with one of my very good friends, who was going to Afghanistan and he made a passing comment/joke about me getting the drinks in as he probably wouldn’t see me again. He used a joke as a way of dealing with the possibility of death.

The collection is this conversation, everything is very playful and jokey but ultimately the collection is made of symbols of death and war. HF: Obviously your clothes are more ‘out there’ than many designers, do you think this is the future of mens fashion? Matthew: I think mens fashion is slowly changing, and men are starting to become more explorative with their image, which in turn can only be good for young new designers such as myself. The next collection, titled 0.02, will include a lot of laser cut pieces that will be very accessible to Joe public as well as Joe Peacock. HF: Where could we pick up a Matthew Miller shirt? Matthew: You can pick up a shirt, or any other piece, by dropping me an e-mail (matthew.miller@network.rca.ac.uk), it’s as simple as that, or you can wait for collection 0.02 that launches at London fashion week in February. HF: Do you shop on the high street? And if so, what do you look for in clothes? Matthew: I shop everywhere including the high street. I would advise your readers that for denim get to Uniqlo, suits and t-shirts Topman, and for the next trend take a ride on the number 55 bus. HF: And lastly Matthew, what’s on your Christmas list? Matthew: No 1 on the XMAS list is a date with EVA MENDES! We can’t wait to see what Mr Miller does next!

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