Victoria’s In Vogue

Here at Henry Fox headquarters there are mixed views on Victoria Beckham. Some of us love her and her fashion sense, some really don’t and some are middle of the road. There are two exceptions though on which we are all in agreement; one is her incredibly amazing dress collection that hit the fashion world two years ago – if you haven’t seen the spring summer range, we really suggest you have a quick look especially if you’re on the hunt for something structured, sophisticated yet easy-to-wear (click onto for a quick peek). The second is the triumph that is her newest shoot for German Vogue. Our mouths dropped to the floor when we first caught a glimpse at the usually pouting Mrs Beckham. Her make-up, and skin, look flawless, the styling is out of this world, her poses are, well, very un-her but we’re loving them! She last appeared on the cover of Vogue back in 2008, it was actually English Vogue, and now two years later she graces it once again. We get to see another side of Victoria in shoots like this. When she’s not pouting, she’s actually quite pretty isn’t she? And what about those eyebrows? We’ve read mixed reviews on the penciled in brows, but weren’t they all over the catwalks of last season? We say keep them VB! We’re impressed. Very impressed.


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