Versace 4 net-a-porter

For all of you with bank balances big enough, the place to head to is The high end fashion site carries some of the most sought after, amazing labels known to man (dramatic we know, but it’s so true), and now it’s home to Versace. Yes, if you want something bright this summer, Donatella and net-a-porter are your people. The collection includes this rather gorge canary yellow and metallic skirt (a mere snip at £2,420), the stitched leather jacket (£3,775), these insanely high platforms (£1,925 – do they come with an insurance policy for that price?) and this interesting stud ring (£175). Don’t forget also that is the official site selling off all the pieces shown in Naomi Campbell’s Fashion For Relief Haiti show. Most of the pieces online were worn by a celeb or model or were donated by Ms. Campbell herself. So if you want a dress worn by Shirley Bassey or a two piece modeled by Emilla Fox then start slicking! It’s all for such a good cause and is only available until Monday 29th March!


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