Who didn’t absolutely LOVE Dynasty? Not only was it the biggest show in the 80s, but its stars wore the biggest shoulder pads on TV. Why? Because big shoulders mean power. Alexis and Krystle fought and slapped each other for years on the big screen wearing, a lot of the time, jackets with huge shoulders. Fast forward a few decades and once again the structured, tailored, power blazer is back. The A-listers have now officially embraced the dainty side of androgyny. We’ve seen Kate Moss in blazers (even producing some for her past Topshop collaborations), Victoria Beckham is often seen in a super-structured jacket or dress – she adds the heels and a birkin for an extra bit of power dressing. Most recently we’ve seen Rihanna many times on the red carpet sporting the biggest shoulders this side of…Dynasty. Remember the black skinny D&G trouser suit she wore last year? And we’re sure, like us, you’ve watched the Sex And The City 2 trailer over and over again, studying every detail, and you would have noticed the scene where Carrie is in a tux with massive hair? More power dressing references. And it’s not just the famous elite showing off their masculine inspired looks. Many of the designers showed variations of the trend on the catwalks for this season. Armani, D&G, Gucci, Lanvin, Ralph Lauren and Todd Lynn all wowed us with their jackets teamed with trousers or skirts. It seems the key to this trend is either a gorgeous trouser suit or a just a fitted blazer with big shoulder, big heels and a fabulous bag. Add some big hair and uber-chic sunglasses and you’re done. And how, we hear you ask, do you wear this trend as the weather (finally) gets a bit better? Why not team a blazer with some shorts? And we’re talking about women AND men here.

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