Tracksuit Bottoms are Back…

If you want to be ahead of the pack, then tracksuit bottoms are where it’s at right now. As we know, it’s all about the silhouette this season, so no slouching, it’s glamour all the way.. We’ve seen them on the runway from designers such as Isabel Marant and Alexander Wang but with a difference from Juicy Couture and the spudulikas of this world. Grey marl is definitely in or you can go more up market and playful with the fabrics. Slouchy round the hips with a baggy crotch is the way to wear them. Ankle cuffs are back as they need to be snug round the ankle. Strictly no flats, these are only to be worn with heels to give lift and length to the legs. Dress them up by teaming them with a tailored jacket or fitted top in a luxurious fabric to make them look elegant and understated and accessorize with belts and jewelry should you feel the need. It’s all about adding that feminine touch and a bit of sex appeal.


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