Shoe Delights


Apart from diamonds, surely it’s shoes that are a girls best friend – we all know a good shoe can make and transform an outfit, are we right ladies? And this year there are two footwear collaborations that have got all at Henry Fox towers rather a little excited. The first is between Jean Paul Gaultier and Melissa. You may know Melissa as either the ‘jelly shoe’ kings, or the lovely people that brought us the amazingly colouful Vivienne Westwood peep toe shoes with the hearts on the front. Well, for summer (June, to be specific) we can expect to see the plastic strapy sandals shown above which have been designed by one of fashion’s favourites – Gaultier. The shoe will cost £160, and thankfully is versatile enough to go with practically ANY summer outfit! The second, more surprising joint venture is between British womenswear designer Amanda Wakeley and Danish shoe designer Camilla Skovgaard. Wakeley has been designing clothes “from the moment I grew tall enough to reach the foot of the sewing machine”. Her collections always receive so much praise, and it’s no wonder – they ooze a sexy yet elegant yet relaxed style like no other (for next season expect a lot of draping from Amanda). Skovgaard exploded onto the shoe scene in 2006. Her signature jagged edged soles and fashion-forward designs have put her on the map with the other footwear greats (Charlotte Olympia and Nicholas Kirkwood to name a few) and now she boasts an A list fan club worth talking about! She has designed the two styles above for Wakeley which are available to buy now in store or online at Both styles cost £350 each. We love it when a plan comes together, especially when it involves making our feet feel fabulous!

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