Salma’s contribution for the book “Becoming a Fashion Designer”

We are so proud!
Our lovely and experienced consultant, Salma Sodawala, contributed to Lisa J. Springsteel’s new book – “Becoming a Fashion Designer” – The complete guide to the fashion industry.

Salma explained about how should designers present a successful portfolio:

“A designers portfolio is their most prized possession, a reflection of their experience, talent and handwriting. Within a portfolio, there should a variety of work ranging from hand drawn sketches through to CAD based design work. This often depends on the level of the market they are designing in, within the high end design houses everything tends to be drawn by hand. Presentation is dependent on the individual, there is no right or wrong as it is the a very personal representation of their ideas and design skills. Mood and trend inspiration/boards are key to set the theme seasonally and show how  the person builds their research and collates their ideas and thoughts prior to designing a collection. Seasonal projects either from their current employer or personal work reflecting their own ideas follow working in chronological order with the newest pieces at the front should follow each board. Illustrative work is often used after each collection to show the full range line up and overall seasonal look. Depending on the product area a couple of specs sheets should be included at the back to demonstrate a technical understanding of said product.  A portfolio is usually one main book, however some designers prefer to have one main portfolio plus a sketch book and a press book.”



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