Girls, we know just how hard it is to find a good, well fitting swimming costume, believe us! Here at the HF offices it’s a sore point for all the girls when holiday time comes – what looks good on certain body shapes, what colours, what fits… the questions just go on and on! But we think we’ve found all the answers in one little Australian swimwear company – We Are Handsome. And that is EXACTLY what their products are. Take a look above. Each piece is handmade, printed with a high density ink and every design is limited edition which means no one will have the same as you! They are a quick fire way of turning heads and feeling fabulous all in one go! The prints are to die for. The colours are mesmerizing. The horse print is one of our favourites as is the Los Angeles flight scene. Have a look on their website, www.wearehandsome.com, or buy them from www.thecorner.com. Either way, you need one! (prices start from £150).

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