Paris Fashion Week: The Show Stoppers

So we all know, at any fashion week, its not just about the clothes. The way they are presented is incredibly important and, it is safe to say, some designers really know how to put on a show.

Today marks the end of Paris Fashion Week. So what grabbed the fashion world’s eye? Whether it be for the right, or wrong, reasons – here are the shows that really stole all the headlines.


Chanel, yet again, had exceptional media coverage with their airborne show. The Grande Palais was completely transformed into an airport, unlike any airport we’ve seen before.  From models checking in their bags to pilots preparing for flight, it was, as Vogue described, ‘ an altogether first class affair’. Whether it flew higher than the ‘Chanel Supermarket’ or the ‘Chanel Protest’ is another question.

Chanel Catwalk

Rick Owens 

This show spread its controversy not only through fashion news, but as it was featured on Snapchat, a vast amount of the western world. Whether the ‘human backpacks’ added to Rick Owens actual creations is debatable but they ensured he received a high amount of media coverage for this bizarre catwalk. For Owens, this show screamed support and feminism ( as shown by the precarious balancing acts) and we love the way that this show had a deeper conceptual approach.

Rick Owens



Hussein Chalayan’s show demonstrated the power of fabrics with his showering extravaganza of Swarovski encrusted dresses. This collection marked a 10 year collaboration between Chalayan and the Swarovski brand and they definitely celebrated it in style. The way Chalayan used soluble materials meant that when the models were placed under a shower of water, the material dissolved revealing beautiful Swarovski embellished dresses underneath. An inspiring showcase of how fashion can be used as a form of installation art.

Swarovski and C.

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