Paris Fashion Week: Our favourite French style icons

In light of Paris Fashion Week, we have put together our top 3 French fashion icons throughout history. So choose your favourite look from these three influential women and invest in their style legacy.

1) Brigitte Bardot

French actor, model and singer is best known for her cultural influence through both film and fashion in the 1960’s.  She is recognized for making the bikini a new craze , has a  neckline named after her and appeared on the cover of Elle Magazine aged only 15- a true style icon.  Get the look with this lilac gingham dress from ASOS.

BB NecklineBrigitte Bardot on the set of  "Contempt"  1963 **I.V.image1xl

2) Clemence Posey

French actor, Clemence Posey, is best known for her roles in ‘Birdsong’ alongside Brit Eddie Redmayne and ‘In Bruges’. After becoming one of the faces of Chloe, Clemence Posey’s scruffy chic style caught the eyes of designers and fashion lovers worldwide. Get the look with this Classic White Shirt from Zara.

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3) Coco Chanel

Perhaps one of the biggest influences in fashion ever, not just in France, Coco Chanel is famous for completely renovating womenswear in the early 1900s. Chanel introduced us to the chic sportswear look for women by rejecting the corset which restricted women’s movement and freedom. Although she died in 1971, her legacy lives on through her fashion house ( Chanel), her internationally appreciated fragrance ( Chanel No 5) and of course those iconic blue stripes.  Get the look with this classic Striped Long Sleeve top from Topshop.

best-bobs-01_16402757601 downloadchanel

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