New Clothing Brand Mint Velvet

This month has seen the launch of the new label Mint Velvet. Currently selling online and from selected House of Fraser stores, this new brand is aimed at 30+ women, providing key high fashion pieces at affordable prices, creating an adaptable and very wearable capsule collection of ‘relaxed glamour’. This new venture has been created in a back breaking but exhilarating 6 months by the former Principals team including brand director Liz Houghton, with backing from former Principals boss and Clarks chairman Peter Davies. Apparently, this is not just business and is rather personal for all involved, particularly the female directors who feel that they have filled a hole in the market for 30+ fashion conscious women who cannot afford to pay designer prices. Every member of the team has tried on the collection and spent time playing around with combinations and layers, focusing on the odd versatile piece with a sumptuous hint of glamour that can easily be transformed from day into evening, to create an entire wardrobe experience. There are plans to open standalone stores in the relatively near future, most likely in smaller, more affluent areas such as Chichester and Windsor with a view to moving onto the major high streets once the economy has picked up and the business is more established. House of Fraser has reported a great customer reaction to Mint Velvet in the first few days of trading and all 14 concessions should be up and running by next week.


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