MFW: Gucci Show Report

This MFW showcased Alessandro Michele’s latest AW17 collection for Gucci which consisted of over 100 different looks. The extravagant catwalk was shown in a plexiglass tunnel, resembling something between an airport tunnel and a huge laboratory,  and surrounded a metal pyramid with a rooster on top.

The collection itself played to a garden like theme, Michele referred to it as “The Alchemist’s Garden” and indeed visuals of moths, waterlilies, ladybirds and owls were present throughout. Colour has always been a strong aspect for Gucci but this AW17 it seemed to know no bounds. Layers were layered again, colours were intertwined with patterns, materials contrasted and predominantly male accessories seemed to make each look even more uncontrollably bold. The collection also contained many symbols such as miniature Jane Austen Novels which were also reflected in the bubble like ballgown sleeves on show.

The collection was described as ‘gender fluid’ and consisted of a range of both typical menswear and womenswear and many looks that could fit into both categories. Recently, Gucci joined Parks, the first luxury fashion brand to do so. Parks is a non-profit organisation that campaigns for diversity (with a focus on gender identity) and acceptance of this within the workplace. Michele describes himself as inspired by the idea of multiple selves and the contrasts they create.

The collection in its entirety was colourful and crazy, with dog collars and chains attaching the statement bags to the models as they walked. For some, the extravagant consumption this collection promoted was too much, for others it contained a sense of magic and mayhem.  As Vogue stated ‘What could be more stylish than a designer who can look at familiar things and turn base metal into gold?’

Michele and his Gucci journey is far from over yet.


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