Melanie C in a Victoria Beckham

Gone are the days of shell suits and trainers for this particular Spice Girl – and HELLO to a glam, elegant more grown up wardrobe. And there’s no surprise in who she turned to for a show-stopping, dramatic gown for the Laurence Olivier awards last night… her pal, her sister (in the broader sense of the word), her fashion-savvy oracle friend Victoria Beckham. Look at Mel C! Even though she didn’t win an award (she was however nominated for her role as Mrs Johnstone in Blood Brothers), she definitely picks up the gong for best dressed. This gown clings to her body in all the right places, it makes her look six feet tall and above all, it’s so refreshing to witness this shift in style from someone who was very much forced into dressing like a tom boy. Oh, and nice shoulder detail too Mel (or Vic actually!).


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