LFW goes political

Politics was on the catwalk for AW17 London Fashion Week. From designers such as Gareth Pugh to Ashish, America was on the agenda both as part of the showcase and in the clothing as well. Recent political events infiltrated into the fashion world making this LFW one to remember.


Born in Delhi and a CSM graduate, Ashish Gupta wowed fashion fanatics with his playful twist on serious US politics. In a time of uncertainty, Ashish addressed problems with the only thing we are certain we adore – sequins. This glittery collection shed light on Ashish’s political stance. The garments themselves paid homage to American history – pin stripes and varsity jackets. The slogans embedded on the garments read statements such as ‘Why be blue when you can be gay’, ‘Stronger together’ and ‘More glitter, less twitter’ emphasizing a very anti trump and pro unity outlook.

Gareth Pugh

Described as an ‘ unsettling’ show by many in the media, Pugh’s AW17 collection built on his aesthetic as a bold and architectural designer and created a fierce and powerful showcase. The catwalk was set to a disturbing mash up of key phases relating to Donald Trump as well as screaming. Pugh placed emphasis on the sharpness and unfussy nature of the garments and he drew inspiration for many of his silhouettes from the controversial Nazi film ‘The Night Porter’.

House of Holland

Henry Holland decided to portray a different outlook in relation to the American theme running throughout LFW. Holland captured the essence of the Wild West and the American Gasoline Girl with a collection featuring gingham, cowboy boots, leather and fringing. In contrast to both Pugh’s and Ashish’s collections, Holland paid tribute to traditional America and glorified some of its beautiful and historical elements. Think stars, stripes and lots of ‘nice’.

Photos from: http://www.londonfashionweek.co.uk/ and http://www.vogue.co.uk/

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