LCM: Designer focus on Agi & Sam

It’s the end of another 4 day, fashion packed extravaganza that is LCM. This is an event dedicated to London based influences on the fashion world from Savile Row tailors to new and emerging designers.

This season, a fairly new designer duo produced a collection worthy of notice. Agi & Sam, whom first showcased in 2014, focus primarily on being in the ‘middle’ of the menswear market. Their collections are neither too wearable nor too avant garde, they have managed to produce something practical and still demonstrate innovative design.

Agape Mdumulla and Sam Cotton ( Agi & Sam), according to their personal description on the LCM site, ‘believe that fashion should never be taken too seriously’ as  shown through their focus on ‘bespoke print and humour’. This collection, however, seems more serious than previous ones through the military colour scheme and attention to layering, pockets and zips.

Agi & sam 1

What makes this look particularly interesting is the extended sleeve length and unusual placement of zips. However, it still keeps to the ‘middle’ image Agi & Sam wish to promote by having a fairly neutral and wearable colour scheme.

Agi & sam 2

Again, this look has a very wearable colour scheme but the presence of  a green leather sleeveless layer adds more intrigue to the outfit.

Agi & sam 3

We love the unsymmetrical colour blocking found on this knitwear item. The oversized look also ties in well with other oversized items in the collection.

Agi & Sam 5

The base garment ( the khaki coat) is the ultimate staple in a man’s wardrobe. However, this coat has been ‘upgraded’ through the unusual placement of pockets on the sleeveless over layer.

Agi and sam 4

The simple use of colour here creates a very complimentary look. With the darker khaki coat over the lighter green trousers, a basic but still interesting colour scheme is created.

We love it all.

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