It’s the boys turn to be bold

If the men on the streets outside the European fashion shows are any indication, the double-breasted blazer is officially back, bringing the 1980’s oversized shoulder pads back out (but don’t worry, not as cringe-worthy as the original 80’s). Also neon trainers are finding their place amongst the fashionable set, floral prints are popping up all over, and ‘Theman’ bag is getting chic. You boys out there do not need to panic that you will be taken the ‘Mick’ out of if you were to use one.

Baby Blue Double-Breasted Blazer

From checks and Pinstripes all the way up to floral prints, yes you read it right… Floral prints on a blazer or even on your shorts or Trousers. Here are just a few images to prove to you that we not talking nonsense.

Dark Double-Breasted Blazer Suit

So boys, forget your tight, slim fitted jackets, it’s time to raid your Dad’s wardrobe!

'Theman' Bag teamed up with the floral print blazer or bottoms

However we do not want to bring the full 80’s fashion back, we all know how awful some of it was, and those bits can stay firmly up in the attic.

How to do this look; Team up your double-breasted blazer with your neon printed trainers, or even your Nike Air Max’s. You are bound to be on trend!

See, it’s not always the ladies that get all the fun in the fashion department.

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