Holly Fulton Talks London

Following on from yet another spectacular collection of clothes for spring summer 2012, we thought it very apt to put up this little interview with Holly Fulton, touching on how London influences her.

There really isn’t another designer, especially in the UK, who mixes uber-glamour with mega-fab prints so well. So glamorous and fabulous are her clothes in fact that each and every season her show has been the one we, and every other fashionista and editor, are always most excited about.

It’s Holly’s use of skyscraper landscapes, her beloved colour palette of orange and yellow citrus brights and the fact that every season since her first show for autumn winter 2009, she has taken a new theme and nurtured it through the collection yet still stayed true to her signature art-deco symmetry – telephone print, New York high-rises, shattered giraffe print, lips/clouds/hand and gun images and, most recently for SS12, an underwater wonderland full with seahorses and coral.

Here’s a little glimpse into Holly’s world. Enjoy!

Henry Fox: Describe how YOU see London style. Is there a particular ‘look’ or scene that interests you more than others?
Holly: The thing that I love best about London is that there is no prescribed style, I feel that as a city it is open to all genres and is truly diverse. That openness and unpredictability is London style to me.

Henry Fox: What does it mean to you to be able to show your collections as part of London Fashion Week?
Holly: I feel London is the right platform for my work as its more receptive to creativity than other cities I have worked in, it has an openness to new designers and their work which is both refreshing and inspiring. Being part of NEWGEN and such operatives allows you to become part of a network of new designers; it pitches you with your peers and supports you. I love showing here, I’ve had so much help from all sorts of avenues, its allowed me to do what I love and start to build a business. Its a real privilege to be a part of the current scene in London, I count myself very lucky.

Henry Fox: Your collections have a very distinct style, what with your amazing prints, is this something inspired by London?
Holly: I am always inspired by whats going on around me anywhere; London, particularly East London where I live and work, is a very stimulating place on all sensory levels, its impossible to be here and not see something that catches your eye, even if its only to speculate on its rancidity!

The Very: What is your favourite London landmark and have you ever created a piece from it?
Holly: I like the Trellick Tower for its block madness; Leighton House for its unexpected exoticism; the V&A for the gothic excess and information….I have never directly based anything on a specific building in London, but frequently feature a mash up of imaginary buildings in my drawings and prints. Subliminally they are probably all in there somewhere!

Henry Fox: You focus on womenswear at the moment, is there any scope for a bit of menswear in the future?
Holly: I would never rule anything out, its only finance that is focusing me on womenswear for now…

Henry Fox: Is your wardrobe full with your own clothes, or do you have a favourite designer?
Holly: A mix – I believe in wearing your own work, I love what I do and really design selfishly in that I go with what I think feels or looks right. And frankly, if I wouldn’t wear it, then how could I expect anyone else too? Picking what you are going to get from the collection is a good perk of being the designer!! I mix with a lot of vintage and some designer bits-I adore my Chanel boots, Richard Nicoll dress, Dries skirt. And always lots of accessories… I keep my jewellery in a tool box in a vain attempt to organise it but sadly it out grew this long ago. There is a copious amount, again a mix of antique, designer and cheap tat.

I love Prada as a design house, the SS11 collection was a benchmark one for me. Who wouldn’t want to wear bananas? It has the mix of colour, cut and the tongue in cheek that I love.

Henry Fox: What British celebrity would you most like to see in one of your pieces?
Holly: If I did menswear, Dizzee Rascal. For the ladies then Joan Collins-we may have lost her to the US but for me she will always be one of the quintessential British beauties. Love that old school matching style.

Henry Fox: What’s your favourite area in London and why?

Holly: My bed because I don’t see it enough and we need to get reacquainted…I also have my best ideas in it (allegedly!).

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