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“Black and white is the color of the subconscious and I think when you dream, you dream in black and white, so I decided it would be great to make a collection in black and white ” –  Maria Grazia Chiuri on the Dior SS18 Haute Couture Collection.

As the Haute Couture show sin Paris draw to a close, we look back on our favourite design house of the season – Dior.

Dior, founded in 1925 by French designer Christian Dior, is one of the most highly anticipated shows of the couture season. Christian Dior’s designs are known for their distinguishable volume and shape, however, the Dior design house has evolved since the designer’s death over 60 years ago.

Dior’s SS18 Haute Couture Collection does pay a direct homage to the original designer himself. Current Dior designer, Maria Grazia Chiuri, based this collection on the surrealist artist Leonor Fini. Fini had a direct relationship with Christian Dior as they had their first exhibition in the art gallery Dior ran in the 1930s.

The collection itself is a sea of black and white. Cadging is prominent, intertwined with volumous tulle and clean cut tailored suits. Models walked on a black and white checked runway, similar to that of a chessboard, and wore surreal and modern masks to reflect the original inspiration.

Maria Grazia Chiuri ensured that the collection would appeal to the new Dior audience through the use of temporary tattoos made of french phrases which she placed on the models bodies to act as necklaces.

To see the whole collection click here: HERE

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