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FBC Interviewee: Malika Dalamal London Editor of DailyCandy Mood pre-meeting: Nervous! Have you ever been to an FBC meeting? No. So what’s the word on the street about FBC? That it is a great networking tool – and hard to become a member. Why are you looking forward to speaking at the FBC meeting tomorrow? I’m looking forward to sharing the DailyCandy story ? the background and the amazing rate at which the company has grown. The history of DailyCandy is not as well known over here as it is the States. What are you wearing? I still don’t know ? depends which of the 4 seasons we get tomorrow. Will you be sharing any scoops tomorrow? Yes – our plans for world domination! Who would you love to hear speak at a future FBC meeting? Karl Lagerfeld Visit www.fashionbusinessclub.netfor more info or contact Rita Nazareno, the FBC membership coordinator on:

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