Duckie Brown

Their clothes, especially for spring summer this year, are, much like their myspace page declares, ‘colourful and handsome’. For spring, a gorgeous palette of neutral colours mixed with checks were chosen for tailored, light jackets, tops and, item du jour, shorts. It was actually the bow-detail shorts which caught our eye and spurred us to contact Daniel and Steven for a little catch up. Here’s what they had to say. Enjoy! HF: Your spring summer 2010 collection is gorgeous. Where did the inspiration come from? The Duckies: In past seasons we covered up the body and protected it only revealing certain areas. For spring summer 2010 we wanted to open up and reveal the body – and so we created lighter, more revealing pieces while keeping structure and straight lines. We layered more fluid fabrics over structured fabrics. HF: The first few looks are in darker hues than the rest of the range, and in quite heavy checks, is that still a trend for this SS? The Duckies: We always use checks and plaids, and although the fabrics may look heavier because of the colour, they are in fact very light. The first section of this show was a continuation of the last look of the previous show (Fall 2010) which was heavy tweeds all on top of one another – and so you have the same effect at the start of the SS2010 collection but in very light cotton and silk tweed and checks – all layered with stripe chiffon shirtings. As the show progressed, the piece became lighter and looser, closing with hand printed abstract plaid silk chiffon shirts. HF: Mens clothes are becoming more feminine, do you think the ‘market’ is opening up to this? The Duckies: We believe the lines of masculinity and femininity are blurring, and so people are opening up to more possibilities concerning what they will wear. HF: Would you be flattered or angered if the high street took one of your designs and replicated it? The Duckies: Flattered. No one can replicate anything, at best it’s a pale imitation. And perhaps their interpretation might be interesting. Anything is possible! HF: Explain your logo to us? The Duckies: It’s called the cock and crown. It’s a big cock perched on a smaller crown. Steven is English and so it was a way to reference pubs in England and his English passport. HF: Grey almost always crops up in your collections, as do other neutral tones. Are they easy colours to work with? Or do they sell well? Or are they just your favourites? The Duckies: We love grey – all shades of the colour. It looks beautiful and it’s a refreshing change from black or navy or brown. HF: Some of the shorts in the new collection have bows on the front, which personally we absolutely love. It’s a new concept and slightly Valentino – what was the thought behind these? The Duckies: You hit the nail on the head – and you’re the first one to get it! Yes, Valentino – it was our homage to him and other great women’s designers. But mostly, we love bows – so why not? Again, it was about structure. The bow was stiffened with fusing, therefore playing off the lightness of the other lighter fabrics. HF: Where do you think mens fashion will be in 10 years? The Duckies: Hopefully somewhere different from where we are today. HF: What would you say are the staple items for a man’s wardrobe for summer and winter? The Duckies: Winter: Beautiful two button tailored jacket A gorgeous white shirt Tailored narrow trousers A tailored overcoat Summer: Shorts (with or without a bow) A light weight t-shirt A great light weight bomber HF: What’s next for Duckie Brown? The Duckies: Neighborhood domination!


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