AW17 Trend Alert: The ‘Sock Boot’

Sportswear meets sophistication this autumn with the appropriately named ‘Sock Boot’. It’s a trend that appeared in AW15 by fashion houses such as Dior and was made a big deal by Balenciaga, but this strangely shaped footwear has taken a while to catch on.

The ‘Sock Boot’ as featured on Dior’s AW15 catwalk.

The ‘Sock Boot’ has been a key item in many celebrities wardrobes for a few seasons now, Beyonce wowed us with her Vetements ‘Heeled Socks‘ ( as they were formally called) all the way back in 2016.

Beyonce wear her Vetements Sock Boots back in 2016.

The boot itself is highly unpractical, most versions are actually a sock like material and hence completely unwaterproof. However, they compliment a lot of key AW17 trends, such as ‘top heavy dressing‘, which involves a high amount of volume on the top half and a bodycon styling for the lower half. These boots are slimming on the ankles and wearable with pretty much anything. However, ‘Sock Boot’ enthusiasts  must be cautious not to make a fashion-faux-pas and have their ACTUAL socks or sock lines visible at any point when wearing this new footwear craze.

We’ve chosen a few of our favourite ‘Sock Boots’  for AW17. 

For those who really don’t want their fashionista style to go unnoticed, these shocking pink Balenciaga boots also come in a bright red. Available from NET-A-PORTER for £685.


These grey suede ‘Sock Boots’ are on the more practical end of this trend simply because of their block heel. Available from Raid on ASOS for £39.99.

These Giuseppe Zanotti ‘Sock Boots’ have a gorgeous gold sparkle.They are also slightly lower on the ankle then the classic ‘Sock Boot’, so may be a more versatile option for those still unsure of the trend.  Available from NET-A-PORTER for £570.


These sock boots stay true to the trend’s sportwear influence. The white stripes and knit like material make it a more casual option for this AW17. Available from Missguided for £40.

These khaki stiletto boots add a Kardashian/Jenner style influence to the ‘Sock Boot’. Available from Topshop for £52.


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